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    红酒加Guiness 包你马上入睡! 你説得对 十年不算短 下一个十年 怎样的情况再见面難測 但愿不比現時差 Thank you for your tireless effort for the past 10 years. Looking foreward to more interesting posts from you and , assuming I am still around then, to celebrate your 20th anniversaary. Say HI to Tiger too.

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    Noticed this unique bridge/structure whilst watching BBC' s documentary about emerging Mynmar only the other day. Never being to Mynmar. But if ever manage to set foot there, have got this site down as a MUST-VISIT site. Meanwhile, geograhically at least, I imagine the region is like Tonle Sap in Cambodia : Wet seasons's water flooded area is many times that of the dry season. Or else , ther is no need for such long stilted bridge.
    AS usual, you deserve a pat on the back for such malverous shots from your shutter.
    For now, just let the cat scratch curiosity bag : You mentioned above as if you were from Johor Darul Taksim?
    But I am pretty sure you are from Selangor, Rawang to be more precise, whilst Pontian is where Tiger hailed from. You don not have to confirm or deny either.
    It is just that I am a Johorean (Muar) who happened to spent, amongst others, quite abit of my renergy and effort overseaing the planning and development of The Rawang Integrated Industrial Park, from as early as 1980s. I would like to believe that our fight for the location of the Rawang Interchange, the establishment and development of Rawang Integrated Industrial Park have brought about the current vibrant state of economic affair in RAWANG.
    But, that will be another topic if only any one is interested about :
    the 33kv TNB substation next to the CEMENT WORKs;
    the 24 inch water main that helps boost water supply to Rawang Town
    the improvement of drainage and traffice along the Rawang-Batu Arang route; ettc .
    Right now to you and TIGER, although somewat belated :
    中秋月园 (Never Saw IT , because of the Indonesian Haze)
    万事如愿 (This is a sincere wish, for sure)
    km tan

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    有些朋友如我一樣離鄉背井 ......
    希望妳安好 .....

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      [我还在继续 離鄉背井中。。。。。。]

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      別擔心,運用費思部,就沒問題了 .....

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      偶尔又不行 。。。。

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    你有信心成为槟城的最佳旅游博客达人吗? 你准备好接受这项别开生面的挑战吗? 如果你相信自己是最优秀的旅游博客达人之一,别迟疑,马上报名参加,只要在6月底前在我们的脸书: https://www.facebook.com/myamazingmalaysia 发个图文并茂的status说明为何你是最佳人选就行!8月就出游!任何询问,欢迎私信我们或电邮到 sales@horizonpr.com.my

    You are invited to join our campaign- My Fascinating Penang 2015!
    A blogging competition with a twist, selected participants will be embarking on an all-expenses paid 5-day-4-night at Penang in August 2015. After the trip, you will be sharing your Penang stories through your personal blogs with videos and photos, as well as social media platforms. We welcome bloggers who write in English, B.M or Mandarin as long as you have good content & taking good photos.
    Do you have what it takes to be one of our TOP 10? Share with us on WHY do you want to be a part of My Fascinating Penang 2015 by submitting a status with photos or video in less than 500 words and post it on
    https://www.facebook.com/myamazingmalaysia before 30th June 2015.

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      但愿大家都很好 :)

      有机会我还是会继续更新跟大家分享我有游记 :)

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    Thought I should pop in to see the few that I got acquantained to on this bunga raya site. Glad to know that you are still as carefree as ever in your roaming way.. Say HI to Tiger too.
    I beg you will settle down some how, but not after you have actually seen the world the way you want.
    Am speaking through my experience I learned from Sulina, my daughter. Her mum, my wife is so happy now that Su has decided to put an end to her roaming way, temporarily at least and to start a family of her own.

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